supermodels du jour

don't ask me why, but lately i've been obsessed with a select group of girls who grace the pages of fashion magazines and sashay down notable runways all over the world. there's something unique about each of them, something that draws me in and makes me want to know more. the allure, the mystery surrounding them is uncanny. perhaps it's the fact that they look good both on and off the runway. they've got style...tres chic, they are. il y a trois que je t'aime a l'instant: agyness deyn, freja beha, & irina lazareanu, seen above. there are other notables, such as jessica stam, chanel iman, gemma ward, and lily cole, but these 3 give off a vibe i dig-- perhaps it's the bad girl vibe. whatever the case, they're dope.

freja beha 1 freja beha 2 agyness deyn 1 agyness deyn 2 irina lazareanu

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