l'ennui musical

i was having an interesting conversation with a friend today. about music. it seems, at least to he and i, that music is in a state of boredom right now. there is nothing that seems to pop. nothing tickles the fancy; nothing is orgasmic-- at least with regard to mainstream music. i listen to many different genres, and love them all equally, but realistically speaking, there's only so much underground music i can listen to. i can only listen to so much 'deepness' before i fly off the deep end. i need that mainstream magic to balance things out. but it seems as tho there's nothing out at the moment that really gets me off. oh i long for the day when something as exciting as beyonce's 2003 smash 'crazy in love' drops. it'll pull me out of this musical funk. i seem to be losing myself in downtempo and ambient, soul and blues. i need something smashing to level the playing field. my rambling probably makes no sense to some, which is okay. someone will get what i am trying to say.


Jiovanni said...

I understand what you mean. Since I'm a Justin fan, Sexy Back was that for me... until they played it to death and then it wasn't so much fun anymore. And it happened rather fast....the high rush and the crashing down.

vstar* said...

yea. there's not much music now with a rewind/replay aesthetic. it's like you play it and keep it moving. maybe b/c it's so overly saturated, you can't stand to hear it again. i digress... who knows.