i've smelled heaven.

so my mom and i went to bloomingdales the other day: she had to return a coat. at any rate, we came in through the entrance where the first thing you hit is the fragrance counter. after pushing through the saleswomen bombarding us with samples, and politely taking a few (i was the polite one... my mom kept walking), we did what we came to do. however, while conducting the transaction, i pulled some of the samples from my pocket and we proceeded to smell them. the first was 'daisy' by marc jacobs, which was amazing. it was so fresh and invigorating. suffice to say, this got my mother happy, and she basically fought her way back to the perfume. when we got there, i noticed two perfumes standing alone: the new fendi, and the new pucci. cutting to the chase, the pucci (called pucci vivara) was AMAZING. it was heaven. it's an amazing floral fragrance reminiscent of the italian riviera. it has subtle hints of almond amaretto, and gives off a fresh mediterranean vibe. so for you reading this, if you're a woman and a fan of perfume, go smell it; you'll be immersed in how delectable it is! so anyway, my mom buys it, and the saleswoman remembered my having taken the sample from her... so she gives me a few samples as a thank you for basically handing her a sale. among the samples she gave was the AMAZING new (and FIRST EVER) men's fragrance by prada. i'm a big fan of cologne, but i'm extremely selective. there are lots of colognes that smell good, but i hate that many of them are extremely popular, and when you go somewhere, people are able to name what you're wearing. anyway, from the moment i smelled the prada, i was hooked. it was just my style: mysterious, fresh, light and airy-- ethereal yet masculine. and the fact that it's brand new (meaning not yet popular) i had to jump on it. and it's my latest obsession. for the guys reading this, please don't copy. stick to your issey miyake, cool water, and curve, please.

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