every so often, an artist comes out with a work that you just have to have, at any cost. you know it's gonna be dope. and once you get it, it doesn't disappoint. erykah badu's latest effort, nu amerykah, pt. 1 is just that. it's a paradigm: crack music at its best. it's music that scoops you up, holds you in its grasp, and turns you out. i must say, ms. badu did her thing on this one. it's a blend of funk, hip hop and soul. it's sassy yet serious, autobiographical (as well as biographical) and an anomaly with regard to what's current in music. artistic expression at its best here (i'm not posting a link to download, but a link to watch her perform 'ME' & the video for honey is below).

erykah badu - ME (live)