"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."

this quote came to me recently. it's taken from the book the picture of dorian gray, by oscar wilde. i'm not certain what to think of it, as it definitely holds a level of truth, but at the same time, it goes against the values instilled in me as a child. it's alluring though, this quote, and it's something to cogitate.

i'm actually reminded of a conversation i had recently with a friend of mine, where we were discussing our views on substances, peer pressure: that sort of thing. and i was saying how i was never pressured into doing anything by my peers, but my own self, rather. the allure and temptation of what that substance had to offer. and by indulging just once, my curiosity faded and it became a one-time thing. so in a way, lord henry, who is the character in the story responsible for that quote, is correct in his assumption that by yielding to temptation, the temptation becomes no longer.

any thoughts?

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one soulful negro. said...

man...you told me to read this book like a year ago and i have yet to get it, but i shall.

in regards to that quote well i most definitely have to agree with it. i personally am curious by nature and i have the inate desire to test and try and while there are certain things i have no desire to do, when i am told there is something i shouldn't do and i have a desire to do it, i'm going to have to do it in order to find whether i like it or not.

but hey thats me.