who told my blogger to automatically convert to japanese?



things were getting a bit intense in my city... so i fled to dc for the weekend to soak up some positive vibes and spend quality time with one of my best friends. we had drinks, as usual. debauchery ensued. anyway, we had a really chill, relaxing sunday. woke up [hungover]. chilled out for a bit before we got out. did some shopping. then returned and had a picnic on the balcony. topped off with a refreshing dessert of blood orange sorbet. and we got to chatting. venting. purging. and it was needed. i'm thankful for friends.



i bought my ticket to tokyo today.... and it feels real good.

human steps.

my dear friend tricia shared this with me. i was amazed at its beauty.


in love and war.

promo pics for amerie's upcoming album.



hotel distrito capital in mexico city

ear candy [cinq].

hmm... someone blew the whistle on this music post, so blogger made me remove it.

land[s] of opportunity.

america, over the years, has been known as the 'land of opportunity.' millions of people have flocked to the country with hopes to better themselves and create lives for their families. but what if, in the future, this changes? what would happen if this was no longer the case? if people stopped coming to america and headed for other opportunistic places? what's more, what if americans started migrating to other places? this thinking came about upon reading a recent article in the new york times that talked about a number of americans moving to china due to its rising job market and cheaper cost of living. according to the article, even people with no knowledge of chinese culture and/or language are making the move, and they are blossoming! could america lose its 'land of opportunity' moniker? could english fizzle as the world's 'primary language'? only time will tell. but i have a feeling we'll be seeing these types of migrations a lot in the coming days... as people are slowly becoming disillusioned by the american dream.


freja beha. such a superior model. check out her portfolio here.


hot chip cover.


i'm always late with watching good television shows. i guess this could be because i don't watch much tv aside from hgtv. but recently, i've caught up on shows such as united states of tara, weeds, true blood and being human. and now, my latest obsession, one which i've never seen but watched the 1st ep tonight, is six feet under. i reckon i'll finish all 5 seasons by the end of this week.


take better care of... mind|heart.

once deemed essential,
now placed as an afterthought:
old and stagnant and stale...
archaic importance evident,
now used for storage:
streamlined and heavy and equipped with armored doors...
once taken care of,
now ran through:
bleak and chipped and damaged...



so... two of my crushes are making comebacks. amerie + fefe. both ladies have something special going on... an unapologetic freedom about their persons. both seem to be hardworking, broad-minded + creative artists, who not only take what they do seriously, but do it because they love it, not for the accolades and perks that come with celebrity. they seem genuine. they also seem intelligent, not only in terms of how they present themselves, but how they approach the creation of their music. and i admire that about them. so... i wish each lady success as she embarks upon her respective journey.


good hair.

whoa. this has been an ongoing debate within the black community for ages! so glad someone decided to address it.


happy birthday Dr. L. Ramona Howard. you've taught and inspired me so much. i'll forever miss you. rip.