...at jindaiji jin
chofu, tokyo, japan.


new favourite place.

stumbled upon this basement gem in harajuku with my homeboy on friday. went back the following night; stayed until 6am. was amazing. met a ton of cool japanese artists, djs and other creative minds. i think this might be my go-to spot in tokyo. [p.s. the lighting/vibe of the actual venue is way cooler than in this pic]


it's so easy to find solitude here in japan. in a park in the middle of a mall... and even on a crowded train. i love that about here. the opportunity for transcendence... even with all the noise around you, it's easy to get lost in one's self.

a straight line of vision.

thanks to lily for telling me about this. i can't wait to check it out.



this commercial won an an award for "best of" in its category... it's easy to see why. it's brilliant.



for all you fashionistas/os... 'louis vuitton: arts, fashion & architecture' is on sale for £90 at louis vuitton locations and online at lv's website. a deluxe plexiglass version of the book, designed by japanese artist takashi murakami will be available in select stores soon.

time keeper.

Mama's Face from Didi Littlejohn on Vimeo.

a good friend of mine found inspiration in a san francisco alley, and converted a poem she'd written into a song, and made a cool vid for it. so i figured i'd share. love the message in it. love you, dee.


mt. fuji.

i climbed mt. fuji. here's a couple photos.