lake geneva

i recently had the chance to visit geneva, switzerland, and was blown away by its beauty, calm and serenity. the above two photos were taken whilst my friends and i picnicked on the lake.



the house of all our dreams.

check out this amazing house, casa son vida, in palma de mallorca, spain. it's an amazing piece of architecture. definitely drool worthy. i can't even imagine being the owner of such a glorious place. well, one thing's for sure: i'd be the host to some amazing parties. anyway, to see more photos, head over to wallpaper's site.


window seat

controversy. badu's new video is definitely something to discuss. it's an open table for discourse. makes us think. what's really going on with the world? when we shoot people down who have differing opinions and varied outlooks rather than talk with them, pick their brain and simply agree to disagree. this ties in directly with the post below-- the danger of a single story. let's educate ourselves, people. let's not live blindly. badu hit the nail on the head with this one. but then again, she usually does.


the danger of a single story.

my friends and i started our own book club some time ago, and one of our selections, "half of a yellow sun" by a nigerian author called chimamanda ngozi adichie, resonated with all of us. it was such a poignant piece of literature. at any rate, a friend of mine recently brought to my attention this lecture where adichie speaks on the dangers of a single story, or rather, how dangerous it is for a person to have a biased view of the world-- if one takes at face value what one sees in the media, without having been to a place or known its people, instead of being their own judge. this speech had a profound effect on me, as the message is something i try and spread wherever i go. suffice it to say, watch the video below. and pick up any of her books if you're in need of a good story.


i was in paris recently, and had an opportunity to visit le centre pompidou to see the soulages exhibit before its end on march 8. it was such an amazing display of his work; i was blown away by his talent, and his versatile use of the color black. the video below, although in french, takes a walk through the exhibit with soulages himself, and one can see first hand just how the exhibition panned out, and how strong and visually stunning his work is.


little dragon.

little dragon will be in philly tomorrow night at johnny brendas. should be a good show. check it out if you're in town. tickets are only $12.


RIP nujabes

your music will live on forever.