i haven't abandoned you.

London. It's still crazy to think that I am here. But I am. And I love it. I wake up daily with a smile on my face, knowing that I haven't a clue what the day has in store for me. And I embrace that. I revel in it. I love being able to walk around freely and observe, see how people live and interact with each other. I love observing the culture, the amalgamated culture-- a mix of high and low. I love that because cultures are converging (especially with the amount of immigration in London) it is virtually impossible to distinguish who is who: the person shopping next to you at Selfridge's, or the person sitting next to you on the tube could be anyone. That makes me comfortable. It gives me a sense of excitement: the mystery, the vagueness, the vastness. London is a city so accessible, yet so inaccessible. And totally unpredictable; everything from the rain to the fashion to culture to personalities-- you never know what you're going to get, and I love it. I can hardly wait to see what comes of my time here in this anomaly of a city. Whatever happens, I have a feeling I'll leave having adopted its unpredictability.