journey through the chakras

so anyone who knows me should know that i'm not into religion as i am spirituality, and i really love yoga. not too long ago, i took a series of classes that encompassed many different branches of the practice, from hatha yoga to tibetan yoga, to partner yoga, to kripalu yoga, to yoga nidra. what stood out to me, though, was the journey we took through the chakras (energy systems throughout the body that govern life force energy). i won't get into the details right now, as it can be a daunting task (not necessarily for me, but for you, the reader) to understand. just know that there are a number of chakras throughout the body, each composite of a different type of energy. they each have different characteristics, and produce a certain type of energy when tapped into. all of this to segue into my having recently purchased a dvd of kundalini yoga, which delves heavily into the chakras. i practiced for the first time today, and i must say, it was a challenge: i wasn't able to finish the whole dvd. suffice to say, as challenging as some of the poses are, it was a great workout, and it left me with an incredible amount energy, both physical and spiritual, which is why i'm here talking about it. so if there is anyone reading who is into yoga but hasn't tried kundalini, or perhaps someone that is curious as to what yoga can bring to your life, i'd say go out and experience it. it'll definitely do you a world of good.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like something I need to try one day. Maybe not right this second though so don't get all excited. lol