au moment.. j'aime...

+madonna's hard candy
+lemon coconut cookies from whole foods
+raw almonds
+bbq seitan from whole foods
+jason mraz's we sing, we dance, we steal things
+small notebooks
+the cool kids
+lcd soundsystem
+estelle's shine
+stretched-out white tees
+an organized mess
+thift store-bought knitted cardigan
+hillary clinton
+prince's sign o' the times
+my black ipod
+my black skinny jeans
+my black and white flip-flops
+mark ronson's version
+parliament marlboro lights
+lupe fiasco's the cool
+my internship
+takashi murakami
+cut copy
+the dreamers [all-encompassing]
+madonna's ray of light
+party monster
+whatever else i like these days


frida kahlo

yesterday i had the chance to visit the frida kahlo art exhibit at the philadelphia museum of art. aside from being extremely crowded, the exhibit was amazing. i'd always heard of frida kahlo (salma hayek played her in the movie 'frida') and saw her staple pieces, but to see other pieces she created, and even personal photographs of hers was gratifying. at any rate, for those of you who aren't aware, frida was an artist who painted self-portraits, using symbolism and multiple selfs to show her feelings during pivotal moments in her life. i really got into a lot of the pieces, especially hearing the story behind each one. suffice it to say, the exhibit was enlighening.


human nature.

i remember seeing this video when i was younger. let's see... '95... i was about 11. i remember my older cousins watching this video and being enamored with it. loving the rawness. the edginess. i didn't really get it back then. but i get it now. and i'm in love.