so... most who know me, know that i'm obsessed with a film by the name of 'l'auberge espagnol' (the spanish apartment). if you've not seen it, go get it... it's amazing. at any rate, there is a sequel, 'les poupees russes' (the russian dolls), which, until last night, i'd yet to see. i knew it would be an amazing film, as the first was sensational... and how could you screw up such dynamism? i wasn't let down... at all! amazing. i've yet to see a sequel that was as raw and unpredictable as this. you'd think, based on the first installment, the directors and writers would go right... but they totally went left!! and the result was AMAZING. didn't see it coming at all. and i LOVED that about the film. risks were taken, both visually and textually (i think that's the right word... haha... if it isn't, i'm sure you know where i was trying to go with that). i think for those who are prone to like more "americanized" cinema, where everything has its place, and everything has order and predictability, the movie would be a disappointment-- but for those who love/appreciate foreign film, the twists and turns and all the risks taken, the movie will be as amazing as i'm claiming it to be. suffice it to say, both films are killer. go see them if you haven't [end rant here].


one soulful negro. said...

on the list these two are. i hope i can get my hands on them because you speak so highly of them. however sir, i do wonder if you ever watch the movies i recommend...lol or is this just a one-way street.

vstar* said...

i've seen most of the movies you recommend! lol. with the exception of a couple. however, there were a couple that you suggested that i watched and loved. the next film you suggest, i'm going out to get it pronto just so you can't say anything. LOL.