gallery night

last night i went gallery hopping... to about 5 different art exhibits. everything from abstract paintings and pop art, to epoxy/woodwork/miscellaneous objects, and photo exhibits. i really loved the wood, oil, and epoxy paintings and sculptures from dennis beach (who did everything in the above photo). i got really inspired, and really drunk (as the galleries offered complimentary wine, cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres... i had the wine and cocktails without the food... substituted for a cigg or two... or eight!). anyway, i saw some amazing pieces... a few i would have purchased if i wasn't a broke ass student. but i digress. i wish i would have taken photos of some of the exhibits, but i felt weird about pulling out my camera; it almost felt disrespectful. haha. i'm such a lame. i'm kicking myself for not having photos. alas... whatever. anyway, i really want to get a canvas and some acrylic paint and go to town... see what i can do. i've always been interested in painting... but for some reason never picked up a paint brush. EXCEPT when i was in london at a friend's bday party. and it turned out amazingly. and so now, the task is to see if i can create something visually stunning w/out the help of champagne. i think i can.

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one soulful negro. said...

its funny i've always wanted to paint myself. and find myself growing more restless with the idea. maybe i actually, if only to fuck around, pick up a brush myself and try a different creative outlet to express my visions.

i really need to find some galleries in dc to attend however. you've given me inspiration sir. thanks. lol