random musings

my room gets messier and messier every day... but strangely, i'm ok with it. i've got an immense headache... pounding!... but i can't help but stare into the computer screen and think, "i should go smoke a cigarette... or pour myself a glass of wine." i'm aware of the fact that she has the vocal ability of a mute and dancing ability of a lame, but i can't help but fawn over cassie and her music. i might be the only black person in america voting for hilary clinton, but like my messy room, i'm ok with that. for the past week, i've played phone tag with a possible internship. why we can't seem to catch each other is beyond me... but seriously, the game stops tomorrow! in other news, i can't wait to graduate. seriously. i need to graduate now! not in a year. but now! i think i'm mildly obsessed with mark ronson's album, vanessa paradis's album, as well as estelle's. oh, and i'll see estelle in concert on sunday. exciting. i'll blog about it. or maybe not. blah. my head hurts.


one soulful negro. said...

oh buddy, buddy of mine. where to begin.
-that room of yours...hmmm...well as long as you're ok with it. lol.
-omg you and the damn cassie. well man, more power to you. you'll be the only buying her next album.
-hilary. *blank stare* no words.

Brittany said...

first time here. will be back. my head hurts too right now..lol

vstar* said...

thanks brittany. come back now ya hear?