one evening

so, tonight, as my london friend kristina and i were chatting on msn, we began to take our conversation and turn it into song lyrics. which turned out amazingly, actually. we fed off of each other brilliantly, picking up where the other left off, or changing little tidbits of the other's line to give it better flow. how wondrous! she's an unsigned artist over there, so it'll be exciting (once i'm in that vicinity) getting up with her, creating music and the like. if we can churn out good lyrics virtually, imagine what we could do with actual tools in front of us! it'll be magic. i'm officially excited!


one soulful negro. said...

so you're a songwriter too. i tell you v. man you impress me with each passing day. but i told you that you're going to have to contribute to at least my first album in some way.

vstar* said...

and you know this!