happy new year.

i am a couple days late writing this, but i doubt it's much of an issue. at least it's getting written. i'll start by saying "wow! what a year 2009 has been." for me, personally, it has been a year of reflection and progression. i was blessed to have been able to find myself in a number of situations where self-reflection was a necessity and, ultimately, a newfound self-awareness and self-betterment was able to come about. i was blessed this year to have stayed busy and on the go, with my feet touching american soil for only a short amount of time. i became immersed in a number of different cultures, made a number of lasting friendships, reconnected with old friends, was amazed by music, art and film, and realized my own potential in varied artistic genres. it's my hope, in 2010, that i can continue down this path of discovery and realization, challenging myself as i would challenge another, and remain consistent with carving out my niche. it is also my desire to continue surrounding myself with individuals from whom i can learn, and with whom i can grow, experience and live. x


ZPRM said...

Happy New Year! You've accomplished a lot in 2009. It was fun to watch, and to even be a part of. We've had a lot of great conversations, shared great music, etc. I know 2009 was only a stepping stone for you. You're bound to take off, and I can't wait to witness it!

vstar* said...

indeed. since 2009 was a year to of realization, i hope 2010 finds me in the act of doing. that's my main goal for this year. completing certain projects im ay have put off... making some new moves, possibly some collaborative efforts. i've been meeting all of these people who have creative minds. i think it's time to do something with that.

Jiovanni said...

That sounds about right buddy. 2009 was one heck of a year. You captured it really well. Nothing else to add.