biased view of the world.

when one has a biased view of the world, or is biased towards that which dwells in this world, it can look something like this:



Wow i've been really sleeping on your blog. Not intentionally though.

The images you've taken from your trip are so beautiful. I like your photographic style. I'll be sure to keep on stopping in from time to time because you post alot of really good stuff.

Keep it up.

vstar* said...

thanks so much. i need to get back to working on my blog. i've been mistreating it as of late. thanks for the inspiration though. much obliged. x

ZPRM said...

You're photography is great. I'm a fan for sure. It's not like the rest of the photography I've been seeing lately. Your pictures come off as if you're not TRYING to hit certain angles, or get certain shots. It seems as if it comes almost as natural as blinking. I love it!

vstar* said...

aah, thanks! that means a lot!