i would like to call it beauty.

the sleeping pills i swallowed have me a bit loopy. but this new corinne bailey rae album, the sea, is the perfect sonic backdrop for my headspace right now. i have never before now felt like i was making love to an artist through their music. she has me open. her melodies are reaching down into my soul. her voice is tickling the back of my neck. the live instrumentation is brushing against the rest of my skin. sigh. it's everything i need and more right now. it's listening to me. speaking to me. cuddling with me. and it will go to sleep with me. if only it were possible to make love to music. we'd both be needing a cigarette about now.


joshua Washington said...

i can't even respond to this
because this album has me so turned on and high myself
that i feel as though you are speaking for the both of us.

ZPRM said...

I feel left out! I need to hear this album! Well, finish listening to it.

vstar* said...

yes... you do (i got you... if u didn't already).

Anonymous said...

well put. very well.