state of mind.

i don't know what it is about this summer-- or perhaps this phase of my life-- but i've been in a musical mood. not in the sense where i'm playing musical instruments or singing until my heart's content... but i've been collecting music like a fiend. listening to everything i can get my hands on. across genres. and it's really been an experience for me. my mind has been blown by a few recent discoveries... some gems, or diamonds in the rough, per se. and i've really began to cultivate a greater appreciation for music, its healing powers and everything else it offers. i hadn't expected be engulfed in a phase of such magnitude, especially insofar as music is concerned, because, well, in recent days i'd been in a cinema frame of mind so i didn't see the music state of mind approaching. what's more, although i've always loved music, it's kind of always served as a backdrop of sorts: playing whilst i hung out, partied, mellowed, read, wallowed in my thoughts, worked on my writing, etc. but now, it's so much more than that. i'm actively engaging with the music and lyrics, listening intently, and properly vibing off it all. i'm loving it... and my itunes library is fantastic!

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ZPRM said...

I'm glad to know music has opened up into a whole new realm for you. That's when everything becomes so much greater. Our friendship was based off of music.. So its cool knowing that music has grown to become something so much more than it was before..

It'll fully ingulf you soon enough, if not already..