back to the real world.

i've returned. back to america. back to philly. back to uni. back to 'real life.'
i'm back yes, but for some reason, i believe i'm back only in the physical sense. my body is here, yes. and i'm going here and going there, doing this and doing that, but my spirit, seemingly, was left in london.
the days are flying by since my return; i barely remember yesterday.
which can't be good, or can it?
one can take it to mean that the countdown has begun. the time until i again leave the united states of america is drawing near.
or it can mean, simply, that i won't truly enjoy being back home. and this might be true. how can one enjoy that which is a blur?
i need time to slow down a bit, as i want to enjoy being home. i need to enjoy being home.
i just don't know how... but i guess i'll start learning.

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