window seat

controversy. badu's new video is definitely something to discuss. it's an open table for discourse. makes us think. what's really going on with the world? when we shoot people down who have differing opinions and varied outlooks rather than talk with them, pick their brain and simply agree to disagree. this ties in directly with the post below-- the danger of a single story. let's educate ourselves, people. let's not live blindly. badu hit the nail on the head with this one. but then again, she usually does.


Deleon said...

Vaughn, being biased is poison. It's definitely not a good way to live. I also believe your creativity suffers if you only see one side of the story. BTW, did you hear the "New Amerykah Part Two Return Of The Ankh"? good vibes.

vstar* said...

yah man. it really limits the possibilities of life.... oh and i have heard pt. 2... it's bananas. such good vibes there!

Deleon said...

yes sir!

ZPRM said...

I've yet to post this on my blog, based on being anal with colors meshing well together.

I heard that this video was not only inspired by the artists that revealed themselves in NYC (and ended up getting demolished by a bus), but was also inspired by JFK. I love the video, I love the openness, I love the depth, and I love the controversy its stirring. However, it would've been genius if she was ass naked in a droptop like JFK!

Sidenote: I LOVE how she comes back w/ the Rick James doo!