so i haven't really written anything on the blog in a while, so i figure i'll take some time whilst i have a moment to splatter a few thoughts. i'll be redundant and divulge just how amazing tokyo is. such an organised, lively, diverse, interesting, complicated yet simple, respectful and might i add, CLEAN city. being here envelops you. you wish your japanese was better so you could do more. but it's not better... not even close! (lol) so you settle for the feasible, which is just as impressive! with so much to see and do and taste... so much at eye level, above it and below it... it's virtually impossible not to find yourself lost in wonderment. even in the rain, tokyo shines (as experienced with nathalie this week in a brilliantly eclectic neighborhood called koenji). as i type this, my mind races at a pace to where i can't catch up, thus the words escape me. so you know it must be good. it's more than good. it's... more. simply put. tokyo is more. you see more. do more. live more. drink more. read... less (unless you know kanji, katakana and hiragana)... but... explore more. spend more. eat more. walk more. experience more. think more. snap photos... more. find yourself bowing... more. being inspired... more. smiling to yourself... more. more. more. more. (whoa... seeing more spelled out so many times makes the word look weird/abnormal/not a word... or maybe it's the bits of foreign languages i've picked up scrambling the brain signal that sees the word as normal). anyway. suffice it to say, tokyo (and other parts of japan as well!... can't wait to do more traveling) is a place worth coming. do yourself the favor.

p.s... there are some good shows coming up back west [america]. i'm kind of feeling some type of way that i won't get to see them.

yukimi [of little dragon]...
...if by the craziest chance you're reading this... COME TO TOKYO!!!!


dar said...

stellar words, extremely reminiscent of an Ellis character. your wards give way to colors, sounds and whatever else is going on in that tireless dome of yours.


dar said...


vstar* said...

thanks dar. chat soon, yes? x