...at jindaiji jin
chofu, tokyo, japan.


Erin Palmer said...


Oh wait, this isn't Facebook. ;)

ZPRM said...

I'm lovin' the photography! It sucks that you're actually blogging opposed to when you were in London. But, I never really have time to check your blog. Isn't that something? Don't worry, I'm still following you every blue moon. Blue moons are special.

vstar* said...

thanks, erin... lol... soo not facebook.

+court... i know! i feel like london though was sooo fast paced and i was sooo much on the go that even though i took lots of pics, i was never really inspired to do anything with them. japan, on the other hand... there are so many little things that can become special if used in a particular context. so my thoughts become a bit more focused. i'm sure you're super busy lately... comes with the territory. i know... believe me. but thanks for making time. always appreciated.

ZPRM said...

Yeah, school isn't so hectic, but my laziness is. The computer is the LAST thing I'm on; considering it was just me and my computer for months on end at one point. Whenever I get the urge to sign on, it's the weekend, and I'm out and about. I've been going to a few shows lately. I guess that's my new hobby. I thought my shows were going to slow down after this month, but now I'm not too sure after getting the heads up on Little Dragon. Don't worry, I'll enjoy it for the both of us!

On the other hand, I'm working on a new blog. I don't have any true contributors on my side, but I'm going to at least work on the layout. By the time you're back in the States, the music blog will be up and running (hopefully).