good hair.

whoa. this has been an ongoing debate within the black community for ages! so glad someone decided to address it.


ZPRM said...

I saw this on WSHH. I can't wait for this to come out. This issue is a sad but true issue in the African American community. I was a victim of the "creamy crack" at one point in my life. I eventually got tired of trying to upkeep an image, and I allowed my hair to go straight down hill. Now its pretty f'ed up, but I honestly would do it all over again. I'm all natural now. Speaking of natural hair... There's a lot of African Americans embracing their natural hair, which is a great thing... regardless of it being a trend or not.

vstar* said...

"creamy crack" ...HA!!! I feel you completely tho. it can be like crack, when society feeds you the ideas that black hair isn't good. any hair that grows... any hair in its natural state, without harsh additives... is good hair. i'm happy to see a lot of our african american counterparts are getting the memo. this movie should be a proactive catalyst for discourse.