murakami = prodigious.

so i went to nyc over the weekend to the brooklyn museum for the takashi murakami exhibit. i must say, that it was the most amazing art exhibit i've beheld: two floors of otherworldly magic is what it was, and i felt as if i'd been abducted by aliens and taken aboard their craft, for a mere $8 fee. cutting edge annime-inspired sculptures, ultrathin & seemingly flat paintings, luxurious collaborations with design house louis vuitton, vivid, [borerline psychadelic] colours and surrealist characters, astounding imagery [sexuality and consumerism], and wonderfully cynical paradigms, the exhibit was everything i expected and much much more.


one soulful negro. said...

man ever since we discussed this on the phone the other night i have been in LOVE with this man's artistic eye. i love it.

i really hope i get to see some of his stuff in real life one day.

jiovanni said...

it is amazing what the human mind can create.