au moment.. j'aime...

+madonna's hard candy
+lemon coconut cookies from whole foods
+raw almonds
+bbq seitan from whole foods
+jason mraz's we sing, we dance, we steal things
+small notebooks
+the cool kids
+lcd soundsystem
+estelle's shine
+stretched-out white tees
+an organized mess
+thift store-bought knitted cardigan
+hillary clinton
+prince's sign o' the times
+my black ipod
+my black skinny jeans
+my black and white flip-flops
+mark ronson's version
+parliament marlboro lights
+lupe fiasco's the cool
+my internship
+takashi murakami
+cut copy
+the dreamers [all-encompassing]
+madonna's ray of light
+party monster
+whatever else i like these days

1 comment:

one soulful negro. said...

dude i am IN LOVE with this list.
love it man.
love it!